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Samplers For Her and Him

(Your Choice of Fragrance)

One of the items most in demand in our French shop are the Samplers. Here is your opportunity to give into the desire to experiment, or to choose several fragrances for a gift when you are not quite sure that just one will be the perfect one. We offer four types of samplers: Cologne, Perfume, Bath and Body Oil and Massage Oils.

Cologne Samplers

 Each Cologne Sampler  contains 3 light and unbreakable 1 ounce bottles of cologne, your choice of 3 from the Standard Line or 3 from the Luxury Line.



Standard Line Cologne Sampler Box - $39

Luxury Line Cologne Sampler Box - $45


Note:  You can combine Standard Line Scents and Luxury Line scents in you sampler.  Call us and we will give you the price of each.

Petite Perfume Samplers

Here is your chance to go wild and choose six different perfumes to try or to give. Each sampler contains six half-dram bottles of perfume. We will fill them with your choice of six fragrances from the Standard Line or the Luxury Line.

Standard Line Petite Perfume Sampler - $55

Luxury Line Petite Perfume Sampler - $66

Bath and Body Oil Samplers

Try our Sampler with three 1-ounce lightweight, unbreakable bottles filled to your order from either the Standard Line or the Luxury Line scents.



Standard Line Bath and Body Oil Sampler - $26

Luxury Line Bath and Body Oil Sampler - $30



Massage Oil Samplers


Hov® has created a wonderful line of Massage Oils available in our 53 fragrances.  Two new scents have been added to create this sensual line.  Eucalyptus and Spearmint ( Both on the Standard Line)  Samplers come with three 1-ounce lightweight unbreakable bottles filled to your order.


Recommend by Best Selling Body Therapy Author Anne Kent Rush


Standard Line Massage Oil Sampler - $16

Luxury Line Massage Oil Sampler - $20

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